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Tongkat Ali Extract – Ultimate male enhancer

Tongkat Ali also known as Longjack or “Natures Viagra” is native to South East Asia specifically Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. The Tongkat Ali extract is considered to be similar to ginseng in the way that it provides the body energy as an adaptogen. This means it has the ability like many other herbs and medicinal plants to provide improvements in areas that are lacking. Here are the top 5 effects this wonder plant from tropics has been able to show.

The Power of Tongkat Ali Extracts


Erectile dysfunction

First and foremost Tongkat Ali has been used and studied as a male enhancement supplement. It is often listed as the main ingredient in most Male enhancement Pills like “Nature Bound. It is this uplifting effect that gave this plant the nickname “Nature’s Viagra”. Studies have shown the Tongkat extract not only improve sexual function but also sperm quality and mobility making it a great alternative medicine for men young and old.

Testosterone production

Likely the leading cause for the male enhancing qualities Tongkat Ali has shown is its ability to increase testosterone levels in clinical studies. As many of you may know Testosterone in another useful hormone our body’s produce to help us rebuild while giving a glimpse of our primal days. A healthy level of testosterone helps men and women feel more confident and able to handle tasks with a sense of motivation. During the same double-blind study in which cortisol levels were observed the subjects showed a staggering increase in testosterone by nearly 35%.  Furthermore when supplemented in vitro the Tongkat extract has been shown to have an anti-estrogenic effect thus making the increase in testosterone that much more noticeable.


Not surprisingly Tongkat extract has also been shown to increase the chances of contraception through sperm production and more particularly sperm mobility. Long Jack is also known as an aphrodisiac further increasing sexual interest and performance. One of the leading studies looked at 109 men taking the extract over a 6 month period. 3 months into the study, the men were noticing fewer difficulties getting erections as well as an increased sexual interest. It is also noteworthy that some of the men involved in the studies started at a high body mass index and upon completion showed some weight loss.


By now you may be thinking a decrease in stress seems like a no brainer as a man’s sex life improves but that may not be the leading factor according to a double-blind study of the extract. The researchers tested younger to older males in a wide range from 18-44 and found the subjects to have a significant decrease in cortisol by nearly 20%. Cortisol is the Hormone your body produces from your thyroid gland that is associated with stress. In nature this flight or fight mentality associated cortisol is crucial for survival, in the 21st century for most the need has dwindled down to bar fights and the pressure of not meeting sales quotas.


Lower down on the list of advantages the Tongkat ali plant has been shown to improve is mood. Studies have shown there is a minor correlation to subjects taking the extract and improved moods.   Considering the male enhancing qualities it already provides it is no surprise that an uplifted mood is followed by the increase in erections and confidence. The fact that it is able to increase testosterone and decrease cortisol could mean there are other hormones taking effect such as serotonin and dopamine although this theory is in its early stage and has not yet been confirmed.



Choosing the Right Tongkat Ali supplement


For most people looking to supplement they want a quick and easy way to take what is missing from their diet or could enhance their life. For this supplement it would be wise to choose one that contains zinc and copper to ensure you are getting the proper minerals for optimal absorption and production of testosterone. The last thing you want is to spend money with the hopes of improvement when really an underlying cause is preventing the solution.


Making your own Tongkat Ali Extract

I have also included a small tutorial on how to make an extraction tonic here if you would like to take the hands on approach to transforming the supplement into your one of a kind medicinal tonic. The following recipe below will make roughly 500ml of the tonic at a strong dose. Some people prefer to not use alcohol when extracting from medicinal plants in case of sensitivities. This can be done but will yield a different solution since the alcohol pulls out hydrophobic compounds that are unattainable when using a water extraction method.



Ingredients you will need:


  • 1 ½ cups of Tongkat extract (chunks of the bark or ground for higher potency)
  • High proof alcohol 40% or higher.
  • ¼ cup of water (preferably distilled)
  • 1 large mason jar
  • A fine mesh strainer or cheese cloth when using ground powder
  • A sunny windowsill


First make sure you are starting with a clean mason jar to avoid contamination. Unscrew the lid of the jar and fill it half way to the top with the dry Tongkat Ali root. – It is important that only dry root is used since wet plant matter will compromise the extraction.

Pour in the ¼ cup of water

Next fill the jar with the flavourless alcohol so that the liquid is covering the dry ingredients by 2 inches.

Place the jar in a sunny windowsill for 4 weeks untouched

After the 4 weeks has passed strain the root with a cheese cloth or fine mesh colander if smaller granules were not used.

Store the solution in a dark area away from natural sunlight and preferably in a brown tinted jar.



When consuming any tonic in it’s concentrated form it should never be used indefinitely. Supplementing should be done in small doses a few times a week for no more than 2 weeks at a time.

-Dilute no more than 10 drops in a glass of water for optimal dosage.

Everyone reacts to herbal extracts differently and should proceed with caution, starting with small doses gradually increasing to the preferred amount.



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