Lion’s Mane Mushroom – Benefits & Effects

Lion’s mane mushroom also known as Yamabushitake, sheep’s head and the technically termed Hericium Erinaceus has been part of Chinese traditional medicine for thousands of years. More recently it has gained traction as a potent solution for long-term nootropic benefits. It was so highly regarded in ancient times that it used to be an exclusive […]


Oxiracetam – A Solution For Brain Diseases

Oxiracetam was introduced to the medical community in 1984. Since then this nootropic drug has gone through hundreds of clinical trials with the focus of memory enhancement and cognitive path formations leading the motivation for this research. The research began with mice yet safety concerns were quickly set aside as no noticeable side effects were […]


Best amino acids for mental energy: List of top 6

Amino acids are essential in life and affect all areas of your body. Some amino acids are essential to brain health while others take a back seat in the process. Your body is able to produce a portion of them while the others need to be included in your diet. This list works to guide […]