Lion’s Mane Mushroom – Benefits & Effects

Lion’s mane mushroom also known as Yamabushitake, sheep’s head and the technically termed Hericium Erinaceus has been part of Chinese traditional medicine for thousands of years. More recently it has gained traction as a potent solution for long-term nootropic benefits. It was so highly regarded in ancient times that it used to be an exclusive […]


Natural Nootropics: Top 5 list for better brain health

Natural nootropics have been breaking grounds lately for being regarded as more than witch craft and Amazonian voodoo. Often time’s people don’t realize that many of the drugs on the market today are here because of an identified compound found in a plant. There is a whole field of pharmacology dedicated to finding new compounds […]


Top 4 Naturally Nootropic Protein Powders

One of the biggest natural nootropic sources for the body is from amino acids. Amino acids affect every function of our body and are the essential building blocks of protein. With that being said not all protein is the same, some have higher amounts of essential amino acids and others are higher in the ones […]