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Why would you believe us?

Here at Urban Alchemy we strive to take the guessing game out of health, wellness and mental abilities. These 3 pillars circle our daily lives and bring about a wealth of information we no longer wanted to hide.

For greater guidance choose from one of the following categories that will present their own unique perspective on the philosophy of this site.


This is where you will find answers to the questions that are commonly being asked. We include the articles and studies on supplementation our clients are interested in. Not only will you find studies and information but here you can also find trials and courses that are both paid for and free.  If you have a suggestion for research please visit our “contact us” page


Think of this as our personal pantry. We are always looking for the most unique combination of properly sourced products for what ails the mind, body and soul. Here you can find products that have worked well and some that we believed deserved some caution. Not like your typical store, from this you will come out with a better grasp on what works for some and what should be avoided by others.

Mindful meditation

Through this category we introduce the third and final pillar – Mindfulness. Our readers are given the insights and resources available to bring the health and wellness experience full circle. Discover the power of intent and positive re-enforcement. We often consider this psychological phenomenon common among others but rarely apply this to our own minds. Don’t let your inner voice distract you from the reality you are choosing to create.