the effects of cignizin's citicoline

Cognizin: Harvard Approved Mental Stimulant

Citicoline is often found in high grade nootropic supplements acting as their secret ingredient. Unless you know how to skim complex ingredients it can easily pass you by while searching for the best brain boosting capsules. This supplement continues to be one of the leading prescriptions made by naturopathic doctors with patients looking for more of a complete resolution to cognitive barriers. Like many other brain enhancing drugs this one in particular has been studied for its ability to reverse degenerative diseases in the brain; particularly Alzheimer’s, dementia and those with suffering brain functions after recovering from a stroke.


The Importance Of Citicoline 


Citicoline and neurotransmitting chemicals

Citicoline combines 2 essential brain chemicals “Choline” and “Cilidine”. Together they offer a powerhouse of nootropic benefits to the brain allowing for the increase in cognitive activity from a focus and memory stand point.

This combination of chemicals are both able to break the blood brain barrier. Once they are reunited allow your body to produce phosphaticylcholine, a primary component in neurological membranes. The other compound that is produced is the much sought after acetyl-choline taking its seat in the nervous system and acting as a neurotransmitter for which pathways, thoughts and actions are formed.

The importance of choline during brain development 

Although it has had a great focus in the medical community for its response to degenerative diseases Citicoline is not age specific. This means that you don’t have to be taking the supplement as a form of recovery, rather it will work to improve base line states as outlined by many studies.


What does it do?

Citicoline is Harvard Approved

Citicoline has been studied by many independent researchers for its ability to effect cognitive functions. In particular Cognizin one of the leading companies that produce this nootropic has had it studied for its improvements made in memory, attention and accuracy during speed sensitive tests. During the tests conducted at the Harvard associated center for brain imaging, results came back that destined this drug into mass production. With one of the most credible institutes behind your product it’s no wonder Cognizin is the go to for supplement companies building their nootropic stacks.

More than an energy supply

Students and motivated individuals have begun to veer from the traditional caffeine craze that once dominated pre-exam cram sessions and all-nighters alike. These unique searches similar to the one you may be on all have their foundation in looking for the magic bullet to carve perfection. Coffee has a lot of benefits in terms of energy and motivation but acts primarily as a stimulant rather than a long term enhancer. Citicoline feeds energy directly to the mitochondria within your brain cells. This was outlined by the 2008 study where researchers observed an increase in frontal lobe bioenergetics (4). This translates into an increase of fundamentally important regions of thought like language; problem solving, judgment and even sexual behaviour. Even more noteworthy is how Citicoline works to develop the brain in terms of grey matter production. Grey matter makes up 30% of your brain which mostly consists of neural pathways. Without Grey matter these information highways would permanently congest making it impossible to think, act or perceive anything.


How does Cognizin effect the brain

As mentioned above Citicoline is able to produce both phosphaticylcholine and Acetyl-choline. These nutrients are widely regarded by experts as being essential for a proper functioning brain. Studies have even shown that taking Cylidine by its self is enough for your body to increase production of it’s own phospholipids all while not harming your baseline state.

Acting as a precursor to the important neurotransmitter Acetyl-Choline, Citicoline works to improve recall memory by supporting the nerves that respond to this essential brain chemical. Citicoline is able to break the blood brain barrier when metabolized. This means that once taken, the effects of this supplement will occur shortly after. Once reaching the brain the separated Cylidine and Choline re-unite to form the aforementioned Acetly-choline as well as contribute to the essential phospholipids that make up 30% of your brain tissue.  These chemical reactions all contribute to boosting neural actions like-

  • Memory retention and functionality
  • Speed of thought processes
  • Attention length
  • Focus and concentration


Side effects during Choline rehabilitation 

One group of researchers in particular had an interesting hypothesis about the use of Citicoline on patients that habitually smoke marijuana. Aside from the damages caused by smoke inhalation of a carcinogen, marijuana has also been shown to decrease grey matter in the brain. These areas in the brain are rich in CBD receptors and are linked to driving factors like motivation, emotional and affective processing.

It seems as if the old stigma has some credibility, although I am sure this one had little doubt in the scientific community. Luckily for habitual Marijuana smokers a team of researchers throughout the United States applied the same prescription to those with cognitive decline from Marijuana.

The results in this trial were astounding. After only 8 weeks this double blind study showed significantly lower levels of impulsivity as well as higher results in both tests in comparison to the controlled placebo groups. The test also included brain imaging through MRI scanning at both base line in the beginning of the treatment as well as after the 8 weeks. The final result yielded crucially different brain patterns than the placebo group.


Choosing a Citicoline that works

It’s important when purchasing Citicoline to source from a reliable supplier. With Globalization in full swing it has become increasingly easy to import low quality supplements manufactured in China where health and safety concerns are practically out the window and potency is often in question. Although usually more Expensive trusted companies usually rise to the occasion through forms of quality control and reliability. Cognizin is definitely top of this list with affiliated products like AOR Ortho mind. For something as important for your health as a cognitive enhancer I surely would not want it mixed in the same drum as Nike glue once was.

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